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It’s Time to Get Yourself Over the Bar +
Experience the Power of Pull-ups

People like to talk a whole lot of bullshit about what women can’t and can’t do.

Lots of folks would have you believe that women lack the upper body strength to pull themselves over a bar—that pull-ups are a feat of strength available only to those who possess testosterone in droves, namely men.

Chances are you’ve heard some variation of this myth at some point in your life, and it’s possible that it’s even deterred you from the pursuit of pull-ups.

Many women won’t even attempt to get pull-ups, simply because we’ve been told we’re not strong enough, so why bother? In fact, I’ve worked with several women who say they want to do a pull-up, but are too intimidated to try because we’ve been led to believe that it’s too hard and too far out of our reach.

Can we go ahead and collectively call bullshit on this?

The idea that pull-ups are only available to men is a cultural limitation that seeks to keep us small. It’s just one more way that the Patriarchy tries to limit our progress and steal from our power.

This societal belief is simply a construct that keeps a myriad women from experiencing the overwhelming self sufficiency and deep fulfillment that come from pulling ourselves up over that bar.

The truth is that you can do pull-ups. You can do them with and without assistance. You can defy the societal myths that seek to keep you in it’s confines. If you’re ready to commit to the pursuit of pull-ups—to feel the exhilaration of getting over that bar, over and over again, join me in becoming a Pull-up Queen.

I can still remember the first time I achieved an unassisted pull-up. As soon as I got my chin over the bar I felt…shocked. Excited. Empowered beyond belief.

I wasn’t actually expecting to get over the bar. In fact, in my many years of lifting weights, I had never even tried with any sense of purpose or direction.

That is, until I was forced to take a long break from lower body training due to a sports related knee injury. Without the ability to deadlift, squat, jump, or run, I was faced with a choice: lament my limitations, or focus on getting strong as hell in my upper body.

Thankfully, I chose the latter. Every training day for months I practiced a variety of pulling styles and assistance movements. I used bands, boxes, and partner assistance. I varied my grip, volume, and intensity.

And after months of consistent, diligent, focused practice, it finally paid off. I jumped down from that bar with a feeling of elation I had never before felt in the gym. It was more potent than any personal gym record or feat of strength I’d ever accomplished, and I was determined to build on that feeling.

Today, I consider pull-ups one of my favorite and most impressive strength skills. I can 23 unbroken strict pull-ups, as well as pull-ups with added weight, and strict muscle ups.

I’m a self proclaimed Pull-up Queen, because I believe in not only cultivating physical strength, but in having the confidence and self-worth to own it—and I’m going to help you become a pull-up queen too.

This 12-week phase of the program is designed for beginners. It will guide you through upper body strength training while also practicing chin-ups.

For those who’ve been training consistently for at least a years or more, this 9-week phase is designed to help you build on your upper body strength and get that first pull-up.

If you’re close to a pull-up (or perhaps already have 1 or 2) and have been training for over 2 years, this 6-week phase will help you get your first and/or increase your pull-up volume.

When you sign up for Pull-up Queen, you’ll be automatically redirected to create your login credentials for the  secure membership portal. You’ll be asked to create a username and a password in order to access the videos and downloads in a private, members only area. If for some reason this doesn’t happen, please email us at support@negharfonooni.com.

YES! You can download and keep ALL of the Pull-up Queen materials. Once you buy the program, it’s yours forever. We recommend saving them to a Dropbox or other external storage site.

Yes and no. Some home gyms are properly equipped for Pull-up Queen, and a gym membership may not be required. At a minimum, you’ll need a pull-up bar, assistance bands, a box, a barbell with plates and/or a pair of dumbbells.

We’ve got you covered! Pull-up Queen comes with three levels, the first of which is designed for new lifters or those to whom pull-ups are relatively new.

YES! Because there are multiple training programs included, you can choose the option that’s right for your current strength and skill levels. Pull-up Queen will help you get your first pull-up as well as  increase the volume of your current pull-up repertoire.

Of course! Pull-up Queen is designed as an “add-on,” which means that you can do it in conjunction with your current training program, or on it’s own, provided you supplement with some lower body training.

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